A really interesting talk by Tim Caynes about endovascular surgery

Yes, really!

A few weeks ago I went to UX Scotland where there was all kinds of super interesting chats and because I am a massive science dork one really caught my eye.

“Designing for visualisation systems in endovascular surgery” may be the hardest thing to say with a mouthful of Maltesers, but it also frames a presentation around how surgeons need very specific visual information during incredibly complex procedures.

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I went to a talk about eye tracking at UX Scotland

And it was delivered by the excellent Stephen Denning at User Vision. It turns out I know absolutely toss all about eye tracking and it’s a lot more complicated than I thought.

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Minority Use Case Report


I’ve been working in UX for about 10 years, first as a freelancer then as a UX designer at digital agencies. I’m now somewhere in Scotland building top secret missile launch systems for the impending Martian invasion of Earth.

During that time I’ve learned a thing or two: don’t get wax in your hair, don’t listen to The Food Babe and never ever build your interface around the minority use case.  Continue reading “Minority Use Case Report”

Summertime UX Fail Partytime!!!!


As many visitors of my not-world-famous and not-almost-award-winning UX blog know, I really love writing about UXfail because it’s funny and makes me feel enormously superior about my supreme intelligence and ninja UX skillz.

And while surfing the internet for a pair of new shoes I suddenly remembered I might have overpaid my council tax bill this month so off I trotted to the event horizon of UX car crash that is Glasgow City Council’s online payment ‘service’. Continue reading “Summertime UX Fail Partytime!!!!”