I went to a talk about eye tracking at UX Scotland

And it was delivered by the excellent Stephen Denning at User Vision. It turns out I know absolutely toss all about eye tracking and it’s a lot more complicated than I thought.

Here are my takeaways: Continue reading “I went to a talk about eye tracking at UX Scotland”


Here’s a cool UX report into sucky gym websites

From my learned friends @whatusersdo where they tested a bunch of gyms and found that they mostly …sucked. This was my experience with PureGym and it appears things haven’t exactly improved.

Key takeaways:

  • compelling, empathetic content builds trust
  • lazy, generic content drives users away
  • not displaying price information is sending users straight into the arms of your competitors
  • SEO is super important: make sure your gym is listed correctly in Google
  • in a market place over-crowded with gyms with no USP, your only advantage is good UX

Read about it here.