How Hard Can Casting a Vote Be?

Should be easy, right?

I’m on and fancy voting on this:


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iTunes Is 13 Years Old And Still The Worst Piece Of Software Imaginable


Oh yeah?

Via Reddit

I like the one time I tried to add a single MP3 (an mp3 of my friend’s indie band) and literally my only option if I wanted to add it was if I wiped out 14 gigs of mp3s already on the iPhone as per iTunes’ demands.

No hyperbole I switched to Android the following day. Just drag the MP3 in any file browser of my choice onto a folder on the phone. What a novel concept! Or hell, download the mp3 from an email attachment and gasp Android can actually save it to my phone!


No no no, it’s not STILL awful. It has literally progressively gotten worse and worse until now where it’s almost unusable.


Got called out for still using winamp on twitch one day. My reason for using it was two reasons.

It works and it is not iTunes


Has it really only been 13 years since I first uninstalled iTunes?


I do tech support for a major cell provider in the US. My department handles predominantly iPhones so I interact with iTunes a lot…A LOT. It is a godawful piece of shit and it is the bane of my existence.


The whole reason I got rid of my iPod was iTunes. It would duplicate songs, split albums into two albums, not recognize songs, etc. And there was no way to directly control the files on my device, I HAD to sync them with iTunes.


Here’s a U2 album for you. Let me just put it right in your phone for you.


Obligatory horror story: Right when apple music was installed and the 3 month trial began, all 3,000 something of my songs i had downloaded already disappeared. Not just from my phone, mind you, but from my actual computer. Itunes somehow deleted the source file for all of my music i had loaded in. I was on the phone with itunes tech support (terrible human beings) for no less than 6 hours, well into the night.

So, erm, yeah, I’m not a fan of iTines. It’s a horrific, bloated mess of an application that should be confined to a burning corner of hell along with Gerry Halliwell, The Venga Boys and Vladamir Putin.

But what do YOU think? You love iTunes? Think I’m being all mean and stuff? Hook me up on Twitter and complain about how bad your music collection probably is then.

I Wish Passwords Would Just Die


As I was researching my fun UXFAIL post this week I came across a kind of mini-meme: the Angry Password Message:

password 5

I have two massive issues with passwords.

Crazy validation rules
Yeah, I’m looking at YOU iForgot. When I first got my iPhone 5 it took me 30 mins to do anything. Why? I had forgotten my iTunes password and I had to reset it but it took me forever to construct a valid password that contained 1 upper and 1 lower case letter, a number, no two consecutive characters the same etc etc. If you want to hack into my iTunes account and steal my copy of this album then my password is: Ifuckinghateitunes6. Aye, you won’t be forgetting that in a hurry!


Password masking
ARRRGHHHHHHHH! Why! This is a huge anti-pattern that should have died in 1978 but persists, a bit like the Rolling Stones, or mould. Whenever I design a signup/login form, I make passwords visible by default:


And seeing what you’re typing is even more important on mobile where data input is a nightmare.

Having said all that I acknowledge how important security is. I had my Twitter account hacked by ISIS wannabes.

Oh yeah?

password 6.PNG

I now have double authentication!

And here’s the contention: should the system force the user to choose a ‘secure’ password or is the burden of responsibility on the user? Is the ideal free’n’easy password creation and if security is super important, double authentication?

What do you think?


What Makes A Good UXer?

I’ve been pondering this problem for ages and while a lot of it is learning and doing on the job, really good UXers seem to have a natural knack for making things simple.

And maybe it’s an innate gift, like being able to sing naturally. It’s that ability to look at a very complex situation and draw out the one or two things that define everything. And to *look at something and go “it should just do this” and maybe that can’t be taught.


*yeah yeah, with the caveat they have loads of user research to back up their decisions.