BT’s Website Is A Fcking Disaster

As many visitors to one of my four once-world-famous-almost-award-winning blogs know I am really unlucky when it comes to telecommunications; from dodgy dark patterns via Vodafone’s satanic website to getting my phone stolen by an acquaintance of Kevin Bridges in a bar fight, verily sirrah! Electromagnetic radiation must fucking despise me! Continue reading “BT’s Website Is A Fcking Disaster”

A Wee Review of Property Websites

My family used to have an awesome cottage by the sea in South West Scotland and I was saying to my girlfriend how much I wanted to live by the sea and she was all like “I want to live in the forests, mountains and lakes”. Well, to hell with her!

Anyway, my testing case is “I want to see if there are any properties in the area of Rockcliffe in South West Scotland for sale and view details about that property”.

I am going to use two large websites for comparison: Zoopla and S1 Homes, both of which have poured bazillions into UX. Continue reading “A Wee Review of Property Websites”