Vodafone’s Kafka-esque Dark Pattern

Remember this wee gem?


This screen allows you to control what extra data packages are active on your account. This screencap is from August and tells me an extra 2GB and 15GB packages are active and the 1GB is inactive.

And last month I opted into the extra 1GB and 2GB and I was all like “I really need to switch those off and opt into the 15GB because that will mean I can watch more Glen Beck videos on Youtube” and so I toggled the extra 1 and 2 GB to OFF and the 15 GB to ON.

With me so far?

Then I get text messages confirming that the 1GB and 2 GB packages were no longer active but nothing confirming the activation of the 15 GB. So I was all like “Oh no, I’ll have to go back to the Vodafone website and use their online help thingy to find out what’s going on but OH NOSE! now I’m confused because if the texts confirm I no longer have the 1 and 2 GB packages and have not confirmed I have the 15GB will that mean I get charged exorbitant  out-of-package data costs just by virtue of the fact I’m visiting the Vodafone website to tell them I need to have the 15GB package turned on so I won’t get charged exorbitant  out-of-package data costs?

Like these:


*Waves hands around*


The toggle pattern control on Vodafone’s mobile website is fucked. So when I switched off the 1GB and 2 GB packages I was left liable for any extra data at insane prices browsing the internet until the 15GB package was activated, including the visit to the Vodafone website reporting the problem.

The moral of the story? Choose your mobile carrier wisely.


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