I LOVE chocolate and my favourite high-street chocolatier, Thorntons, have a new website! Let’s take it for a spin with the use case “I want to buy a box of cherry liqueur chocolates for my cat”

I hover over Chocolates on the main navigation bar and it’s a mega menu! Cool.


After selecting Dark chocolates I get a nice products listing screen.


And out of blind luck there is a panel for my fave Cherries in Liqueur. Sweet!


Hovering over the image it says Quickview. WTF does that mean?


Ah, OK, it means a product details page. That’s all right then.


This is a nice screen and all but here’s one thing that pisses me off to the Nth degree: there is no option to just buy the goddam chocolates right now. I have to conform to this stupid add to bag/cart metaphor. Srsly, I’m impatient.


That’s one click to add the chocs to my bag. Observation: there seems to be a glitch with the way the bag panel (top right) displays insofar as it pops down for a second then vanishes. Anyway, I’ll hit checkout while it’s still available.


I click the + icon beside New customers and add another click to my ‘I can’t be fucked with this metaphor’ bank account.


And this is a bit puzzling. Do I begin filling out the form or click Checkout as guest? Yet another click.


Yay at last! After 4 extra clicks I get to delivery and payment options.

Observation: look at the ‘Use this address for billing’ checkbox. A good shortcut would be to default it to checked; I’m sure most users will have same address for both delivery and billing.

And that is the end of my review for Thorntons’ new website. On balance, I think it’s very pretty and well constructed, but they could streamline the checkout by adding a ‘Buy now’ button and using smarter defaults here and there.

But what do you think? Think I’m too impatient? Know a good song about chocolate? Oooh me too!

UPDATE eConsultancy have written about the new site too.



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