Do you need a mobile App?


I encounter a lot of this: “We need a mobile app for our company!” and more often than not I be all like “no you don’t!”.

Remember: downloading and installing an app is a pain so there must be some compelling reason to install the damn thing!

I thought I would ask some questions that might help you decide whether or not your company needs a mobile app.

Can you describe your app in just a few words?


“The social network for athletes”


“Tinder is how people meet”

What’s App

Simple. Secure. Reliable messaging

If folks ask you what your app would do and you have difficulty telling them in just a few words then you shouldn’t even begin building the damn thing.

Until you do some research and figure out whether you have a compelling use case or not, you probably don’t need a mobile application…yet.

Can it be done with responsive design?

If your app could be recreated using HTML then maybe save some cash and don’t build an app. Even large content providers need not fear this approach; the user can always save a shortcut to their homescreen from a section of any website. A proxy mobile app right there!

How often will folks use your application?

Not that often? Once a month? Once? If you think maybe a few times a month then, yes, you have a good contender for a mobile app.

Glasgow Commonwealth Games built an app back in 2014 and it was a total failure for two reasons: the Games are once every four years; the content could easily have been served via responsive HTML

Can you take advantage of native hardware?

Does your application rely on position and time information? Yes? Great, an app could be a great choice. Think Hotel Tonight “I want to find a hotel near me right now!”

Is your project objective based? 

Is your application carrying out some function, like a game or calculation? Does the user have to input data? Then perhaps you have a case for a mobile app. Again, factor in frequency of use.


But what do you think? Hook me up on Twitter-er-er-er-ere-rerrrrr




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