BT’s Impenetrable Website

So I opted for a broadband package from BT and they were meant to switch it on a couple days ago but nothing happened so I phoned up BT to report a fault and an engineer was arranged to fix the problem yesterday. But they never showed up 😦

So you would think it would be a simple matter of telling them this?

Nope.I can’t find any way of saying the engineer never showed up. The only thing I can do is to reschedule an appointment:


Which I don’t want to do because I will be away during the only times available (Saturday). So what to do? How about book the appointment anyway and leave a note in the engineer’s instructions? gzfdgfasd

I know, right? You would think there would be a section called ‘Contact us about your fault’ but I sure as hell can’t find it. So this looks like the only available hack.

Anyway, after typing a short message, on click Continue I get:


That think called affordance where a big box gives you the impression you can type lots? Nope.

If you know how to fix a BT landline can you phone me on Twitter? Ta


My GF can make an appointment slot tomorrow! Yay! And on the site you can change how you are contacted about the appointment. At the moment it’s my phone number :ssds

But I want email so I clicked By Email and entered my address. After confirming the new call-out, I get this message:dfdf

Does anyone QA this stuff?

And after entering my email again, I get


Just a complete shower of clowns.

Update 2

Booked appointment for Monday but after doing so I realised I can’t be there so I have to cancel the appt.

Can I find a way to do that?


LOL look at the dates!!

The Cancel button does not cancel the appointment but takes you away from the booking panel; there is no way to cancel the call-out. This website is a total mess.


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