Linkedin Part 2: Say Hello Wave Goodbye

As many visitors know I am a massive fan of Linkedin and it’s amazing UX so when I got locked out of my account I wasn’t going to take it lying down! Oh no!

I created a new account and figured I would repopulate it with old contacts and stuff. But then OH NOSE!


Locked out of my new account for violating some …. stuff. But my good sir, I have no idea what may be causing such a violation of your most humblest of terms and conditions. And why sir,  I feel I must earnestly request a remedy to this most unfortunate turn!

Ach so ah pure went tea file a report, ken?


In the vain hope that Linkedin high command may give me some more information.

Which they totally didn’t:


2 things here 1)’nature of the inappropriate content’ makes me sound like I’m a closet Jimmy Saviile and 2)’View this ticket on our help center’.

The latter is the funnies, because when you go to the help center to figure out what the fuck is going on, you get this:


I.e. if you want to resolve the lock-out they direct you do a help center but they lock you out of the help center so you can’t do anything to resolve the problem that locked you out of your account in the first place.

This amuses me.


And if you’re a fan of Linkedin or Malc Almond of Soft Cell then you can hit me up on Twitter.



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