Goodbye Linkedin

Apparently Linkedin got hacked and loads of passwords got leaked and my account was one of them so when I got to work today to check all the new exciting messages from recruitment consultants I saw this:


And when I tried to login I got:


Fair enough. They were hacked. I totally get this. But the thing is, the email I have on Linkedin is old and I can’t access it. This could be a problem.

So what to do? Linkedin says that there might be a second email associated with my account but I can’t remember if I ever gave them one but let’s try one anyway.


Does anyone else find the wording on this window confusing?

Anyway, on submitting the second email.



Let me stress that this blog post is not about Linkedin’s failing but about me not taking enough time and care to make a back up plan should anything go wrong. Which it has.

I note there is a link to some kind of verification thingy:


I’m kinda screwed because I don’t have any of those documents to hand (various spy-related top-secret reasons mean I have none of them). But over and above this, I’m perplexed: I’ve never had to submit ID to Linkedin before so how can they possibly verify me? All they have is my name and anyone with my name could send off some photo IDs and get my account back? Anyone? Anyone?

Because I’ve got nothing else UX-y to write about today, let’s see what happens for giggles. LOL.9Seems sound: a contact email address and my Linkedin email for account ID. Cool!



It feels hopeless but maybe a combo scan of bankcard, University photo ID, work photo ID will work in place of Identity card?


Well, gee whiz, thank’s for telling me the ID had to be in COLOUR before I went to the trouble of scanning it in you fckers!

After ‘colourising’ my scan in Photoshop:


Ach, I guess it was worth a shot. And because now is the point I don’t really care for Linkedin so much, I wondered what would happen if I sent a screen grab of the IDs they’ve used as examples, you know, because it would be really funny if they worked? Like proper so funny OMFG this is the funniest thing I have ever read in the history of like this afternoon! Lol. Hahahaaaa.



And that’s my Linkedin account gone. I feel like I’ve lost an old cardigan: I know I had one but I didn’t wear it that much and when I did I couldn’t fathom the reason I was wearing one and all the attention I ever got was from other cardigan wearers who would randomly come up to me and compliment me on the cut and swagger of my cardigan and now that I don’t have the cardigan I feel a bit sad but I don’t really care and I’ll probably forget about it fairly soon until I see someone else wearing a cardigan and I’d be like “oh there’s a cardigan person but isn’t there better things to wear these days”.

Linkedin: 2009-2016

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