How Hard Can Casting a Vote Be?

Should be easy, right?

I’m on and fancy voting on this:


Can you guess what happens next?


Oh. I have to login. Why can’t I just vote?

Sigh, OK then.


Let’s get this over with. Click Register…


Uuuuh, I just clicked register? Why are you asking me again? Do you do any QA over at Barclay Premier League IT HQ?

OK, I’ll press Register AGAIN.


How about a simple user name and password form? Nope, OK. Loving the mandatory field markings by the way. New password? Fuck is that?

Anyway, onwards McDuff, onwards.


Oh Jesus, all I want to do is vote for fucking Leicester City. THAT’S ALL I WANT TO DO!

Go on then..


No, we’re still not done!


Oh man, this is seriously getting tedious.


No, no I don’t want any of this I JUST WANT TO VOTE YOU ABSOLUTE SHIT BAGS.


For the love of God.

Right, surely that’s got to be it.


*Cries* *gives up*

Well that was fun! How hard can we possibly make voting? FYI only 793 votes have been cast; on a fairly big, national website featuring one of the most popular sports on Earth, I would say that is cripplingly bad interaction. No one can be arsed voting because the UX is a catastrophe, comical.

I’m on Twitteterer.





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