I Want To Get My Boiler Fixed

My boiler is broken and I’m all super cold and shivering at my flat in Glasgow.

Let’s see how easy it is to book a repair on British Gas’s Website!

Step one – gasp in horror as you discover how much it will cost

how much

Step two – mutter to yourself “I can’t be arsed picking up a phone cos it’s HASSLE. Let’s look for a button to book a repair”

bookAye love, it’s going to cost you a bit

Note: OK, I know this is probably going to get me involved in some kind of contract malarky but the labeling of the button got me thinking maybe I can still book a one off repair. But it isn’t clear to Captain Cold Bollocks over here, OK?

Step 3 – Press the ‘Book your repair button’ and find a wee form to find a local engineer’s availability

view avail

Step 4 – enter your postcode

ener postcode

Step 5 – select your exact address and announce to the interwebs where you live so ISIS can hunt you down

select address

Step 6 – play crazy Capcha game and hope for the best


Step 7 – be all like what the actual fuck is this message I can’t even?! sorry

Note: WHAT!?!??!? Your ‘View availability form’ doesn’t even work?! Are British Gas seriously telling me there are no available time slots between now and the heat death at the end of the Universe? Are you fucking KIDDING me? And what areas of the form am I meant to look at again FFS? This doesn’t make any sense! I am so sad! Brrrrr. The cold……*shivers*.

Can anyone recommend me a gas engineer please?

And if you have any UXfails, get commenting or hit me up on Twitter


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