Why does the met office over engineer its weather warnings?

I often go to the met office and see there are weather warnings:

metoffice start

And when you click on the warning icon you will go to a description of the warning, right?

Wrong:  met 23

You go to this ridiculously over engineered map where you have to select the day the warning appears:

met 3

And when you do this relevant areas are highlighted in the list beside the map and you have to click one of these to be taken to the detail of the weather warning. Yay!:

met 4

Why can’t I go here directly? And by the way, the text doesn’t change across the regions much so the disambiguation process is fairly pointless. Oh yeah? Here’s the weather warning for Orkney & Shetland and Highlands and Eilean Star; all the bloody same warning:



All a bit pointless don’t you think?